viernes, 14 de junio de 2013

Multiple vulnerabilities in OpenCV

I worked with OpenCv some time ago and I decided to carry out a little security audit. The tool used was flawfinder with the following command line:

flawfinder -m 3 --html --quiet --dataonly --context opencv-2.4.4/ > opencv-flaws.html

This analyses the source code and returns a lot of results, most of them false positive. But there are already several vulnerabilities I checked as real:

In the file opencv-2.4.4/modules/legacy/src/oneway.cpp line 1795:
if (fscanf(pFile, "%s", imagename) <= 0) 
There is a buffer overflow when reading long files names from a list of files. For example when executing:

./c-example-one_way_sample location scene_l.bmp scene_r.bmp
Reading the images...
Extracted 42 keypoints...
Training one way descriptors...
buffer overflow detected ***: 
./c-example-one_way_sample terminated
This program reads a file called "one_way_train_images.txt" which its content is:


In the file opencv-2.4.4/modules/highgui/src/cap_images.cpp line 114:

sprintf(str, filename, firstframe + currentframe);  

There is a format string when reading special files names. For example:

./c-example-adaptiveskindetector C:\VideoSequences\sample1\right_view\temp_%05d%n%s%s%s%s%s.jpg 0 1000
Press ESC to stop.
%n in writable segment detected ***
These bugs could be exploited to execute arbitrary code.

Although of less concern, also there are vulnerabilities in the samples, here are two I found:

opencv-2.4.4/samples/cpp/hybridtrackingsample.cpp line 82, a buffer overflow:

sprintf(test_file, "%s", argv[1]);
opencv-2.4.4/samples/cpp/hybridtrackingsample.cpp line 85 another buffer overflow:

int values_read = fscanf(f, "%s\n", vid); 


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